Mozilla San Francisco All Hands

And what a week it was

Last week, all of Mozilla met in San Francisco for the All hands. This year’s meetup focused on Firefox 57 which is due to release in November 2017. It was one mindblowing week.

I felt incredibly lucky to be a part of this program which gave me a chance to know Mozilla better and meet my team. I took part in discussions regarding Talos and Marionette and developed a deeper understanding of Perfherder and made progress on my project.

The time I got outside the conference was well spent in exploring the city. I tried not to walk around wide-eyed, but it was hard. There was so much to see and experience.

Be it the food

the gorgeous architecture

the street performers

and some incredible sights

Indeed it is.

The city managed to please all of my senses.

It’s been almost a week since I’m back, but the excitement still hasn’t worn out. I have lived my dream, time to get back real life.

Until then. :)

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