And GSoC has come to an end

I would have put up this post a tad early had the Game of Thrones season finale not consumed my entire afternoon today. What an episode! It’s saddening that the final season of the show requires a two-year long wait.

All the code which I have written for GSoC has... [Read more]

Mozilla San Francisco All Hands

And what a week it was

Last week, all of Mozilla met in San Francisco for the All hands. This year’s meetup focused on Firefox 57 which is due to release in November 2017. It was one mindblowing week.

I felt incredibly lucky to be a part of this program which... [Read more]

And the work done till week 3

India lost finals of Champions Trophy. sob sob

At the same time, I’m super excited because I’m going to San Francisco next week for the Mozilla All Hands.

As promised in my last (or first?) post, I’ll describe my GSoC project in this one.

I... [Read more]

And how it all began

Hello, all!

Finally after spending days in deciding a theme, I have managed to start a blog.

In this blog, I will mostly talk about projects I’m working on, but occasionally about other things too. The motivation for starting a blog lies in getting shortlisted for Google Summer of Code... [Read more]